Join the ASSA Board

Currently Johannesburg is both a local chapter and headquarters for the National ASSA Board in South Africa.

Board Member Responsibility

Board meetings are held once a month generally at a board member’s home. It last about 2 hours and are great fun. Board members are voted in once a year at the Annual General Meeting in September.

Become a Board Member Today!

Contact us if you’re interested in getting involved and would like to join us in shaping the future of the Society.

Open Positions:

Executive Vice President
The ASSA is looking for a dynamic, energetic volunteer who is a great organizer and enjoys socializing in order to:

  • Assist the President in planning the ASSA calendar and reaching out to ASSA members to promote events and fundraising
  • Oversee the Activities Chair in all monthly 3T’s and bi-monthly events
  • Lead the setting up of committees and head committees as necessary for the larger, annual events such as 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Step in for the President if necessary and/or Activities Chair if necessary

Executive Secretary
The ASSA is looking for an Executive Secretary to assist with taking minutes of all meetings and general administrative duties.

Newsletter / Content Chair
The ASSA is looking for a Newsletter and Content Chair to help reactivate our newsletters and assist with marketing content.

Digital / Online / Website Chair
The ASSA is looking for a Digital / Online / Website chair to assist with all things digital including managing social media and website communications.

Community Services Chair
The ASSA is looking for a Community Services Chair to manage the charity/service side of ASSA.


*These are abridged duties for each position, more information can be provided on request.