SA Autism

Community Service

Although the ASSA is primarily a social organization we do take time to give back to our adopted country.  We focus our Community Service efforts three times each year.

At our annual Thanksgiving  Lunch the ASSA holds several raffles to raise funds for a different non-profit that help with children’s education needs in Gauteng.  This past year guests contributed to the pot hoping to win a weekend in the bush at a luxury safari lodge.  The real winners however, were the children who participate in the Edu F1926659_485053861598663_1535663629_nun English Learning program at the Diepsloot Combined School.  Proceeds from the raffle were enough to underwrite the third grade’s annual trip to the Johannesburg Zoo and to help a few students who were in real need of new shoes.


Each Mandela Day, the Society works with groups who provide food to underserved communities.  In 2013 ASSA volunteers cooked healthy meals and helped Johannesburg’s Meals On Wheel deliver dinner to folks who are not able to get out and about by themselves.

Lastly, our flagship fundraising and social event of the year is a Cocktail Reception and Auction at the home of the Johannesburg Consulate General.   This event began in the 1970s and has been helping South African NGOs ever since!