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Leslie Randolph Bio PhotoLeslie Randolph, President
Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Leslie moved to Johannesburg with her family in January of 2015. Prior to relocating, Leslie was the Vice President of a boutique public relations firm where she advised local and national organizations on their marketing and media efforts. Though her clients’ fields ranged from fine art events to luxury home building to reptiles (yes, reptiles!!!), she was most passionate about the non-profit organizations she represented. Though she is unable to work in South Africa, she is eager to funnel that passion into her volunteer work and make an impact in her new community. As the President of ASSA, Leslie will identify worthy organizations in need of our support and help organize meaningful volunteer opportunities for our members. She hopes her efforts, combined with our members’ contributions, will make a profound impact on our home away from home.  Contact:

Sachi Fujii Bio Photo
Sachi Fujii, Executive Treasurer
Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, I come from a small village where life is very peaceful, but due to the fact that I have always been an adventurous child, I decided to go on an exchange program to Easton, Pennsylvania for a year, followed by my time in Binghamton, New York for college education, and later became an exchange student again in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Completed up to B.A. in Political Science, I moved to Tokyo to start my career as a management consultant at KPMG, then moved on to work for non-profit organization and later for a startup in digital marketing, until my partner and I decided to relocate to South Africa in April, 2017.  Now married with our furbaby Keanu. He is a doberman, and he likes to steal laundry and run away, eats my Moroccon slippers, follows me into the bathroom… but he is the cutest runt and our boy! I am excited for the opportunity to join the American Society to assist the organization in its activities, and I look forward to exploring South Africa and its cultures and meeting new people in this new life! Contact:

Merlyn Kindangen Bio PhotoMerlyn Kindangen, Events Chair
I was born and raised in Indonesia until I completed high school. Since then, I have spent more than half of my life living, studying, and/or working in the US (PA and MA), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and Canada (Toronto). My past passion and career were in finance (specifically treasury reporting, foreign exchange risk management, and balance sheet management) in various environments from corporate, consulting firm, to retail banking. In the past ten years, my husband and I, and our two children of 10 and 7 years old, have done four international moves and we have loved and enjoyed every single one of them.

We have been living in Johannesburg since July 2016 and we are cherishing everything this beautiful country has to offer!

I am excited to join the Board of the American Society of South Africa as an Events Chair and looking forward to organizing ASSA events throughout the year and meeting all the organization’s members. If you have any suggestions of events that you would like to see ASSA’s presence, please do not hesitate to contact me. Contact:

Sudashni Sayanna, Membership Chair
Hi I am Sudashni. I am a local South African and grew up in sunny Durban, on the KZN coast. I studied toward a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Natal and met and married my hubby during this time.

Together we have traveled and worked within South Africa extensively and are currently living in Johannesburg. I also hold a Masters Degree in Engineering Management which I obtained from the University of Pretoria and have been very fortunate to work in both parastatal and private sectors in and around SA.

Currently I am enjoying life being a stay at home mom and using the opportunity to support charity’s and schools in the rural areas around Gauteng.

Our family loves to travel and we are always planning our next adventure as far out as a year in advance. We especially love exploring the USA and her many states. My favourites are upstate New York, Charlotte North Carolina and Atlanta Georgia as well as sunny Florida where we are huge fans of the Disney Theme Parks.

I am honoured to be part of the ASSA board look forward to supporting the organisation and its activities.

Nicki Wingate Bio PhotoNicki Wingate, Honorary Member
My company, Exclusively Africa has been specializing in Southern and East African customized safari itineraries since 1997 when I relocated to Johannesburg from Miami. My passion for living in Africa quickly developed and so did my love for the African bush, giving me personal first hand knowledge of many of the safari lodges these beautiful countries have to offer.

I am proud to be a board member of the American Society of South Africa. I am also a Citizen Liaison Volunteer for the U.S Consulate in Johannesburg’s American Liaison Network.

Raising money for conservation, and in particular the Cheetah project at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre is another of my passions.

Executive Vice President
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Executive Secretary
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Newsletter / Content Chair
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